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Go For The Gold Boy's - Worry What's On the Ice

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133 teams started out the long road to the Royal Bank Cup which is the crown jewel for Junior A hockey in Canada, there is only 5 teams left.  Our Soo Thunderbirds are one of the five representing the Northern Ontario Junior Hockey League and the Central part of Canada at the National Championships in Humboldt, Saskatchewan.

The Thunderbirds brought home their first win over the favoured Penticton Vee's in their first game at the National Championships. 

Why are so many local people creating a media circus with the off-ice issues regarding coaches that our suspend from the Thunderbirds. 

The Thunderbirds ownership and sponsors have been very supportive, as well as the Soo’s fans.  The Thunderbirds fans have been the best in the league while the players have worked very hard for each other all season to get to where they have through all these allegations and rumours.

These young men from the ages of 17 – 21 have worked and practiced all their lives to make it to a national championship and all we are worried about is what the coaches have or  haven’t done.

We all know it can be extremely difficult to get players to stay focused and work hard the entire season. 

Yet, player motivation can have a dramatic effect on your success.

By effectively motivating your players, they will learn MUCH faster, win more games, learn life lessons, improve skills faster, have more fun, and become better players & people.  

Every player and coach you see on the ice is a very complicated individual with a very complex life.

Everyone has a lot of different issues going on, but those who excel are those who, when you see them on the ice, are thinking about the next goal, about where the puck’s going, and about what they will do if they get hit. They are focused on the task at hand.

There’s no question that players, coaches and teams don’t reach their full potential because the issues that they cannot leave off the ice. At this level, the physical difference between players is unquestionably less significant than the mental difference.

One key factor is their ability to focus their attention on what they need to be doing at the time they desire to perform at their peak level. This, like all mental and physical skills, can be learned and constantly improved with diligence and persistence.

Sault Ste Marie hockey fans should be rejoicing – you have a championship calibre team.  To get to a championship game you have to have very good players on the ice and everybody has to do their part. “It has been a true test of what the Thunderbirds have been through all year and all of the players did their part to get them to the Royal Bank Cup, so let’s focus on the young men right now and leave the baggage at the door and SUPPORT these young men in Humboldt.